About Omanma


The brand Omanma was established by Kazuko Wrice in July of 2010.

Kazuko studied fashion design at Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo.

While working in Roppongi as an exclusive stylist in the entertainment industry, she met her future husband, an American, and moved to the U.S.

Following her move, she worked in the accounting department and then as a buyer for a Japanese company - ultimately, putting her dream of becoming a designer aside.

With the world in economic crisis and Japanese companies reducing operations and withdrawing from the U.S., Kazuko parted ways with her corporate job in 2009 and became determined to once again her dream of becoming a designer.

After beginning her first project and seeing that she started receive a steady flow of orders, she decided to creatre Omanma.

Although Kazuko enjoys dabbling in various creative realms, her main specialty is knitting and crocheting. Her unique line of dog clothing is also very popular. But her original creation, The Banzai Frog, is most popular and is currently on display for sale at a local San Diego hospital gift shop.

Omanma is unique in that, along with having an American taste and knowing the preferences of the Japanese, we have the praised Japanese trait of being delicately skillful, putting special care and attention into each hand-crafted work of art, a feature rarely seen in crafts anywhere else. This is why our creations have received widespread praise and are most enjoyed by our customers.

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